Children’s Club

Due to the significant progress amongst the children attending classes, they have been moved up to the adult class which runs from 7.30-9pm.

We run a child only karate lesson for age 8 years plus from 6.30 to 7.30 pm every Wednesday as we have found that younger students need a different way of teaching and a less formal attitude to help them engage. They also (not surprisingly) enjoy training with other young people.

The Children’s Club has been running from 2004 and has successfully produced high quality Black Belt Instructors who have gone on to do very well in teaching and competitions both locally and at University.

We take time to train to a good standard and do not rush the Grading process in order to build solid karate foundations. Typically it takes about a year to train for each grading (longer as they reach higher grades). At each grading you will see a marked difference in their abilities. Places in the Club are therefore limited in order to ensure the quality of the training.

The training is once a week but after a few years students reach a level and age when they can progress to training with older or more senior grades on Wednesday 7.30 to 8.30 and/or Sunday mornings in Penzance.

The purpose of the lesson is to teach karate allowing the students to learn self discipline, how to exercise and increase self-confidence. Karate is a martial art and students are taught how to defend themselves in a controlled and appropriate way.


S K ‘The discipline and self-knowledge that children get from karate is fantastic! Simon and his team of coaches at the Kakougan-ryu karate Club in Carbis Bay are inspiring, patient and good fun too.’

D S ‘This club has trained both my children to a high standard. One is now a black belt at University and my daughter has gained considerable confidence, physical stamina, flexibility and most importantly the ability to defend herself, if necessary.’

Z D ‘An excellent club, run by highly trained individuals who are committed to the traditions of karate with a big helping of fun and energy. I trained at this club as an adult and we now have two children there who are gaining valuable life skills: respect, self-defence, motivation, courtesy and self-belief. Highly recommended.’

K P B ‘Brilliant club! My daughter is 9 and absolutely loves going to training every week. She is gaining life skills and most importantly confidence, all thanks to the lovely instructors from the Club.’

M V S ‘My two stepsons attend this club. They’re aged 14 and 11. The instructors are awesome giving the boys confidence in themselves, teaching them respect and discipline as well as karate. The youngest has been going for 6 years and has attained his green belt, the eldest 9 years and is aiming for his brown belt at the end of the year, I wouldn’t mess with him!’

R M ‘Our two sons have gone through this club over the last 10 tears. The elder is now at University training for his second Black belt and the other is a Cadet black Belt. The quality of the teaching is excellent and both thoroughly enjoy the atmosphere and discipline of the club.’

D V S ‘I can highly recommend this club, my two sons have been training here since they were five, the oldest in now 14 . Both have gained so much confidence in themselves and their ability to be able to defend themselves if necessary. Apart from the obvious exercise benefits they are learning a discipline which is invaluable. The standard and quality of teaching here is excellent and the teachers are prepared to give every student a considerable amount of their time. My sons really enjoy training here and have made amazing progress over the years. My oldest is now training for his brown belt and has a determination and self belief that has grown from his achievements and everything he has learnt at his club’.